How to find your IP address

In this tutorial, I talk about what an IP address is, and how to find out what your specific IP address is on your computer(s). If you want to know how your can find out the IP address of your computer (Windows, MacOS or Linux), then watch this video.…

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Text Replacement Feature

In this tutorial, I introduce you to the text replacement feature on your iPhone. You may be familiar with this feature, but there is something you may not know and its really handy!…

Backup Your Data

In this video, I discuss the 3 copies rule and other ways you can protect your data on your computer(s). I highly recommend the 3 copies rule if you want 100% protection of your data. Please comment on how your currently protect your data.…

Block Unknown Callers

In this video, I explain how you can avoid unwanted spam calls on your iPhone with IOS 13. This can be done easily in your phone settings. I will show you how. I also talk about how you can receive iPhone calls on your other apple devices like your iPod touch, iPad and your iMac or MacBook Pro.…

Chrome Tips

This tutorial will provide you tips on how to use the chrome web browser. Here are a few tips to make your browsing experience easier.

How do I start a workout with my apple watch?

How do I easily
launch an
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my computer?

How can I edit
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